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Silence is a magical power to win,
Refrains us from committing any terrible sin.

Silence isn’t mere an enduring skill,
Learnt not by time, but only with will.

Silence is an art in its own way,
If you ain’t learn, you are left astray.

Silence isn’t just a phase of unspoken words,
Rather a saviour, ceasing us from being absurds.

Silence is like nature’s gift of the twinkling stars at night,
A rare scene to be witnessed in the city’s fake light.

Silence isn’t darkness filling our sight,
But a ray of hope, reflecting bright light.

Silence is the most expensive gift to bestow,
Something we should learn, be keen to show.

Silence is thus a magical power to win,
If accomplished truly,tests of life will be passed with a grin.

Sammy Mahmoodi