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Greece defaults on IMF debt

WASHINGTON: Greece became the first developed country Tuesday to default on its debt to the International Monetary

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White supremacist group plans to hold pro-Confederate flag rally in US

The Civil War-era flag has emerged as a flashpoint after a shooting that killed nine people at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, during a Bible study session.

The suspected shooter, Dylann Roof, 21, who is white, had posed with a Confederate flag in photos posted on a website that also displayed a racist manifesto attributed to him.

The June 17 shootings triggered calls for South Carolina to stop displaying the Confederate flag on the State House grounds in Columbia.

The massacre followed a year of debate over U.S. race relations spurred by the killings of unarmed black men by police officers in Ferguson, Missouri; New York; and Baltimore.

The Loyal White Knights chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, based in North Carolina, said it has gained approval to rally at the State House on July 18.

“We’re standing up for the Confederacy,” James Spears, who holds the title “great titan” for the group, said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

He said speakers would address topics including slavery. After the rally, the Klan plans to hold a ceremonial cross-lighting ceremony on private property.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a Republican who has called for the flag’s removal, said in a statement that the group was not welcome in the state.

The Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist group, is known for its history of violence and intimidation against African-Americans.

During an altercation at the State House late on Monday, Nicholas Thompson, 25, of South Carolina was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after confronting anti-Confederate flag protesters, police said.

About 30 people were protesting the flag when 15 vehicles with pro-flag supporters stopped in the street, authorities said.

The Charleston shooting has sparked a dialogue across the U.S. South over the legacy of slavery and its symbols, centering on the Confederate flag.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said on Tuesday she was appointing a commission to review the Maryland city’s Confederate statues and historical items.

In Virginia, the Sons of Confederate Veterans said it would oppose the “organized witch hunt” by Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe to remove the flag from state-issued license plates- Reuters

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CAA bars Air Indus from continuing flight operations

The private airliner has started playing with the lives of people, neither it took safety measures nor cared for the maintenance of its aircrafts.

Citing these reasons, the CAA barred Air Indus from continuing its flight operations.

Officials told that the private airliner was continuously violating flight safety rules, while it was also not getting aircrafts overhauled.

The airliner will not be able to operate any flight from July 1, they said.

The Airworthiness and Regulatory Department of the CAA had time and again warned Air Indus to take measures to ensure safety of passengers, but the airliner remained negligent.


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Finance Minister signs AIIB articles of agreement for Pakistan

Finance Minister, Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar represented Pakistan at the signing ceremony in the Great Hall of the People where delegates from all the founding member countries of AIIB had converged for the event.

He also met President Xi Jinping of China following signing of the document.

Earlier in May this year, the prospective members of the bank after deliberations had finalized the articles of agreement for the AIIB as a result of a three-day policy meeting. It is believed that the bank would be operational by the end of this year.

“We believe that the Bank will be an important platform to convert the abundant savings available in the region into investment to help regional economies achieve sustainable and rapid development and thereby contribute to the world economy,” said the Finance Minister following the ceremony adding that Pakistan hoped to draw financing support for communications and energy infrastructure projects including projects for construction of roads, dams, power generation.

“Energy and communications infrastructure development is much needed in the region and we believe that AIIB would cater to the needs of the region and compliment the availability of resources in the region,” said the Minister.

The Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that in Asia, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC) mega project which involves a cluster of communications infrastructure and power generation projects would provide an integrating platform for over three billion people in Central, West and South Asia, the Middle East and Africa Regions.

The Minister during his meeting with President Xi Jinping extended warm wishes and regards of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and President Mamnoon Hussain and congratulated him on the wonderful idea of AIIB.

Later, the Minister led Pakistan’s delegation at the Ministerial Meeting. The delegation included Ambassador of Pakistan to China, Masood Khalid and also the Economic Minister at the Embassy.

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POL prices to remain unchanged for July

Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar who is currently visiting Beijing, in a statement received here said that with a view to facilitating people in the holy month of Ramadan, the decision has been taken not to increase the PoL prices as has been announced by the Prime Minister.

OGRA, it may be mentioned suggested increase of Rs. 7.30 per litre in price of HOBC, Rs. 4.26 increase in petrol and Rs. 0.67 in Kerosene but the proposal was not accepted as it would have placed immense burden on the consumers. So it was decided that prices of Pol items w.e.f 1st of July 2015 shall remain the same as in June.

The government will pay a subsidy of Rs 2.5 billion in the month of July for providing this relief to the people.

Currently price of High Octane Bleeding Component (HOBC) stands at Rs.80.89 per litre, Petrol at Rs.77.79, High Speed Diesel (HSD) at Rs.87.12, Light Speed Diesel (LDO) at Rs.61.51 and Kerosine Oil at Rs.64.94.

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Renowned TV host Shaista Lodhi enters into wedlock for the second time

Shaista Lodhi who after enjoying years of celebrity-status had stirred a controversy during the morning show she hosted on 15 May 2014.

The episode drew public wrath and the anchorperson was charged with blasphemy, forcing her to leave the country.

Shaista since then kept herself away from public.

However, the 43-year-old diva today took to Twitter and disclosed her second marriage.

She shared a translated verse from the Holy Quran: “Then He has established relationships of lineage & marriage: for your Lord has power,” adding, “Alhumdulillah married”.

Shaista however refrained from disclosing the name of her second husband.

The news led to joyous response from her fans and followers, who have so far been asking her to share pictures of herself with her soul-mate.

She was earlier married to Dr Waqar Wahidi, but the two got separated in 2012.

An image from her first marriage with Dr Waqar Wahidi

Shaista Lodhi has three children from her first marriage.

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Apple Music goes live as tech giant bids on streaming

Apple Music got started with the tech giant in the unusual position of being on the backfoot, as Spotify leads the fast-growing market for streaming which offers on-demand, unlimited music.

The service is betting big on celebrity names to draw attention and scored a coup when pop superstar Taylor Swift agreed, after a heated dispute, to stream her blockbuster album “1989” only on Apple Music.

The centerpiece of Apple Music is Beats 1, which bills itself as a first international radio station and will include guest hosts such as pop legend Elton John and rap entrepreneur Dr. Dre.

The radio station will remain free, even for users who do not pay the $9.99 a month to stream artists, and Apple has made the service integral to its latest operating system on iPhones.

But in a tacit acknowledgement that the company lags behind on streaming, Apple also eventually plans a version for users of rival Google’s Android smartphones.

Another feature is called Connect, which lets artists post messages — keeping listeners on Apple Music rather than switching to social media.

Seeking to be cutting edge

Apple Music went live at 1500 GMT, with Beats 1 initially playing ambient music by Brian Eno as users downloaded the new system.

Beats 1 then took to the air an hour later with host Zane Lowe, the prominent New Zealand-born DJ who was poached from BBC Radio 1.

In a signal of Apple’s effort to nurture a cool factor, Lowe’s first song was not a blockbuster hit but the song “City” by the Manchester indie pop-punk band Spring King.

Lowe, who earned a reputation as an indie rock tastemaker in Britain, said that Apple Music had debated for months about which song to play first.

Spring King put out an EP “with little or no fanfare” but the band’s growing following “is exactly the kind of story we need,” Lowe said.

“It’s not about fanfare. It’s about quality and consistency. We’re Beats 1, we’re worldwide, and from now on, we’re always on,” he said.

Lowe followed up with the new track “Dreams” by Beck, the critically acclaimed Los Angeles alternative artist who won the Grammy for Album of the Year in February.

Big artists onboard

But Apple is also betting big on mainstream artists. Beats 1 premiered “Freedom,” a danceable new single from “Happy” creator Pharrell Williams.

Apple also succeeded in wooing Swift, whose “1989” is one of the best-selling US albums in recent years.

Swift had initially threatened to boycott Apple Music, speaking up for artists who had complained that Apple would not pay for streams during the initial three-month trial.

Apple quickly reversed itself and Swift — one of the most high-profile critics of streaming, and especially Spotify — agreed to stream “1989” for the first time on Apple Music.

In a sign of streaming’s growing acceptance, hard rock veterans AC/DC put their catalog Tuesday on Apple Music as well as rival services.

Bjork’s latest album “Vulnicura,” a haunting reflection on emotional breakup, also appeared on streaming services after the Icelandic singer originally said she would withhold it out of “respect” for art.

But there remain notable holdouts. The Beatles, who refused to sell their music on iTunes until 2010, remain off Apple Music on-demand streaming.

Tough competition

Apple is going up against a crowded field led by Spotify, the Swedish streaming leader that says it has 75 million active users, of whom 20 million pay.

Other competitors include Deezer, Google Play, Rhapsody and Tidal, which was relaunched earlier this year with mixed success by rap mogul Jay Z.

But unlike most of its competitors, music is not Apple’s core business. iTunes and other product sales accounted for less than nine percent of the $750 billion company’s revenue in the last quarter.

Apple’s top goal is likely to preserve its image as being on the cultural vanguard — and to boost iPhone sales. -AFP

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Karachi’s paranoid gunman turns out to be millionaire, flying instructor

According to details, the man snatched the rifle of a private security guard in Defence Phase-5 area of Karachi and fired multiple shots in air.

The paranoid gunman also remained engaged on phone during the episode, while he also kicked a vehicle parked nearby several times.

Citizens in the posh area of the city pulled over and kept witnessing the drama.

The man also stopped some vehicles harassing the masses by pointing the SMG towards them.

Kashif while forcing vehicles to stop in Defence Phase-5

During all this, citizens were sighted helpless while cops played role of a silent spectator for quite some time.

However, a citizen dared and jumped on Kashif taking hold of him, which prompted the cops to intervene who then thrashed the man and hand-cuffed him.

It is now being revealed that Kashif Chishti is a millionaire, who serves as a flying instructor with a private airliner.

Kashif’s father owns Chishti Petrol Pump and CNG Station located in Defence area, he reportedly opened fire at his family last night which led his father to lodge a case with Darakshan police.

Since last night, there was no news of his whereabouts however the man surfaced in Defence Phase-5 close to his home where he threatened the citizens.

Police said the accused is under custody and a medical check-up of him will be conducted to ascertain whether he is mentally sick or was it drug overdose behind such behavior of him.

Officials also seized a 9mm pistol and SMGs from the accused.

Whatever the case may be, but the man reminded the citizens of Islamabad’s Sikandar who had taken the federal capital into hostage by waving two SMGs in Islamabad’s Red Zone on August 15, 2013.

Sikander paralyzed the capital for hours as it took enough time for law enforces to act against him because of his wife, whom he used as human shield.

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Air India’s flight delayed for an hour-and-half to serve government official

According to Hindustan Times, around 250 passengers bound for Newark were held up at Mumbai airport after Pravin Pardeshi produced an old passport booklet with a valid visa, officials said.

The local Indian daily quoted airline sources as saying Pravin Pardeshi, who was part of a delegation to the US, had a valid multiple entry US visa, but it was not on his passport as he was carrying a new booklet.

According, in usual conditions such travellers are denied boarding and flights depart on schedule but Fadnavis granted time to fetch the passport booklet as airline staff waited for the visa.

“Ideally, the irregularity should have been spotted at the check-in counter itself. But the official did not face any trouble clearing check-in and immigration. He was only stopped at the boarding gate,” said a senior AI staffer, requesting anonymity.

However, CM Fadnavis termed the allegation as ‘misleading’. “The allegation that I forced delay of the flight to New York is false and misleading. I totally deny it,” he tweeted.

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MQM leader Tariq Mir’s “statement” is not a police document: London Met police

Last week, a document was emerged on social media form unknown sources, stating that Tariq Mir during investigation in 2012 confessed that MQM had received direct Indian funding approximately of 800,000 pounds every year.

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Spokesman of London Police in a short email to BBC Urdu clarified that the document published by several news agencies and run by many TV channels regarding Tariq Mir’s statement was not belong to London Police.

“After briefly reviewing the document, London Police has endorsed that the statement is not from official archive of Police”, he said.

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