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Silence is a magical power to win,
Refrains us from committing any terrible sin.

Silence isn’t mere an enduring skill,
Learnt not by time, but only with will.

Silence is an art in its own way,
If you ain’t learn, you are left astray.

Silence isn’t just a phase of unspoken words,
Rather a saviour, ceasing us from being absurds.

Silence is like nature’s gift of the twinkling stars at night,
A rare scene to be witnessed in the city’s fake light.

Silence isn’t darkness filling our sight,
But a ray of hope, reflecting bright light.

Silence is the most expensive gift to bestow,
Something we should learn, be keen to show.

Silence is thus a magical power to win,
If accomplished truly,tests of life will be passed with a grin.

Sammy Mahmoodi


lessons of life ain’t easy to learn,
Sometimes I lost, sometimes I won.

Confidence got battered, pride changed to pain,
Dreams were shattered, hard work went in vain.

I cried all day, I cried all night,
Then came you, as my hope and light.

You made me smile, you heard my cries,
You doubled my laughter, halved my sighs.

Amidst bitter sweet memories, along this long run,
You’ve made me realise, we are meant to be one.

You’re my light of love, my light of care,
You’re the light of my life, whom I’ll never share.

Sammy Mahmoodi


Wish I could remember the first dawn of my life,
When I was given birth by my father’s wife.

They must’ve held me tightly in their embrace,
And thanked the Lord for blessing them with his grace.

I came in their life as a ray of light,
Made them forget the world’s plight.

They’ve been for me all night till dawn,
Just like a deer protects its fawn.

I pray to almighty every dusk and dawn,
May God bless them even if I’m gone.

They stay together, welcome every dawn,
Just the way they did, on the day I was born.

  Sammy Mahmoodi



Tiny colorless, drizzling droplets of rain,
Wash out the worries, diminish all the pain.

Rings in joy, with glassy eyes-fading smile,
Flashbacks of memories, springs up as wile.

Cedes new life to the lifeless sapling,
Inundates masses without any warning

Flowers blossom, greens splattered everywhere,
Toads jump gaily, o’er pools of rain here and there.

They’re the showers of blessing, withheld in disguise,
Bestowed by the almighty, verily all knowing and wise.

May he cleanse our hearts, of all disdain,
Tiny colorless, drizzling droplets of rain.




My world had always been so lonely
Until you came into my life
And made me feel homely
You filled laughter in my silent life
And made me feel complete, solely.

We cared about each other unconditionally..
Lived moments full of bliss,
We played together gloriously..
With a fair share of tiffs.,
Yet we never ever left each other lonely.

But as they couldn’t flow smoothly
There came a hail storm in our life
And destroyed US horrendously
You broke the promise, left me all alone
And made my life once again lonely…so lonely..!!



You brought me to life, gave me birth,
Amidst all the jitters, although it awfully hurt.

You clung on to me, grasped me tight,
Fed me first, forgetting your plight.

Seized away my fears, kissed me to sleep,
Played along with me, untill I forgot how to weep.

Spent restless days and had sleepless night,
Just to see my beaming face so bright.

You went through pain, became wretched,
So all my wishes and desires were fetched.

Mother you are an angel-guardian of God in disguise,
Resembling your demeanour is something I’d always fantasize.

Sammy Mahmoodi